Free Time


What are you going to do with all that free time?

This is the one question that everyone immediately asks me when I tell them that both of my children are going to school this year. “All that free time” really only amounts to about 15 kid-free hours a week. Nevertheless, that is more free time than I’ve had in the last five years. Why didn’t anyone ask me what I was going to do with all my free time before I had children and I had roughly 17 hours a day of self-directed time to do whatever I chose? Last night, Clark and I were discussing such mystification when the dam of my dormant desires broke and out came gushing all of the fantasies about my upcoming 15 hours a week of free time. He encouraged me to jot it all down.

Things I Am Going to Do with ALL That Free Time:

Vacuum my car
Run after the sun comes up
Pee all by myself
Make a phone call
Brew a mid morning pot of coffee
Place a full mug of mid-morning brew on the coffee table and walk away
Listen to the news without headphones on
Eat brunch somewhere that doesn’t have chicken nuggets on the menu
Watch Live! with Kelly and Michael
Not write
Enjoy my scrambled eggs while they are still hot
Visit the adult non-fiction side of the library
Get my hair cut without hiring a sitter
Run a quick errand
Clean out my purse
Shop for a smaller purse
Take my smaller purse to places like Teavana and Yankee Candle Company
Unpack the garage

Oh dear. That may only last me until noon, at which point I may end up staking out the preschool playground to spy on the children.

What do you do with all your free time?

{Image via KnitBranda’s Etsy shop}


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  1. Dee said,

    August 14, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    Perfect response!

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