Getting to Know You– Savor the Flavor

Fall is slipping away evidenced by the piles of leaves accumulating on my front walkway. I am trying to squeeze every last drop of Autumn out of these final days, so here are a few Fall treats to savor in the coming weeks.

Sweet and Spicy Apple Butter

My friend, Kate writes a blog called The Kitchen Princess. I’ve been enjoying her Sweet and Spicy Apple Butter this Autumn, and I finally asked her to reveal her secret. It is by far, the best apple butter I’ve ever tasted. Thanks so much, Kate!

*Cottonwood Pumkin Ale

This Carolina Beer Company brew has been listed among leading seasonal brands, and I can tell you first hand, it is delicious! I first sampled it at The Dandilion Market in Charlotte, but, locals, if you’re lucky, you make still find a few bottles on the shelves at Harris Teeter, Total Wine, or Cost Plus World Market.

Caribou Coffee Spicy Milk Chocolate Mocha

This hot chocolate is made with chipotle seasoning which sounds disgusting but tastes AMAZING! You can request white, milk, or dark chocolate. I opted for milk chocolate, and I was not disappointed. The only chocolate treat I like better would be Amelie’s salted carmel brownies.

And finally…

I love all of their seasonal treats, but their hot cranberry cider and their butternut squash bisque makes me wish that Fall would last forever.

For this week’s Getting to Know You edition, please comment below with your favorite Autumn memory. Mine is obviously my wedding and spending my first Thanksgiving holiday with my husband on our honeymoon in Asheville, NC. I look forward to hearing about yours!


*(photo credit- Christopher Bartlett)

Getting to Know You- the Music Edition

Today I feel like singing.

And so, I’d like to take a moment and reflect on some of my favorite records of all time, their seasons and the memories in their melodies…

Patti Griffin- Flaming Red (Road trips to the beach and being the only girl traveling with a bunch of smelly musicians)

Jill Phillips- Writing on the Wall (Georgia in the Fall and wondering if I would ever survive my post-college early twenties)

Matt Redman- Face Down (Makes me thankful for my faith and for the people that I’ve encountered in my journey toward God)

John Mayer- Heavier Things or Any Given Thursday (Also Georgia in the Fall, black licoriche candles and down comforters in rain storms, and wondering why in the world I ever wanted to grew up.)

Damien Rice – O (Reminiscent of life after heartbreak).

Frou Frou (The Garden State Tracks)– Falling in love with my husband (not to mention that this marked the beginning of my obsession with British pop)

LifeHouse- No Name Face (So college in West Palm Beach…. years later, I still have every word memorized and I can still smell the salt water in the air.)

It’s funny to me that these aren’t even necessarily reflective of my current musical taste, but they befriended me at some point along the journey, and so, this is my way of showing appreciation.

For the music edition of Getting to Know You, please comment below and share with us your favorite record and any memories associated with it. I look forward to hearing them all!

Getting to Know You

This is the first installment of getting to know you on Lady Lullabuy’s blog.

I find that I am on a constant quest to fill my home with beautiful and inspiring things that remind me of what I treasure most. We all have our certain rooms, corners, walls or decorative pieces in our homes that we call our favorites and I am curious of yours. Please send me pictures of your favorite space and let me know why it is special to you. I will create a photo gallery so we can all enjoy each other’s inspiration.

Here is mine…

This glider was given to me by a dear friend, and I rocked Salem in it for hours when he was an infant. I recovered it for Amelia’s room, and we have already made so many special memories in this little corner. I actually wore that dress hanging behind the chair when I was a little girl! It is my absolute favorite space in the house.

I can’t wait to see yours!