Time Out Chair

image via Design Tripper

Talk about a functional statement piece. This Time Out chair by Ashley Longshore is exactly what my home needs {and if you come over at any time, chances are that you will find me sitting in it.}

Take time out today. Your family will thank you.

Trust me.

Crazy, Cruel, or Creative?

I was totally messing around yesterday when I said that I was considering caging my toddler in his crib so to regain some morning sanity, but a friend of mine told me about these crib nets! Have you ever heard of them? Apparently I’m not the only parent who isn’t ready to kick the crib habit. Now, call me crazy, but does this child look like she’s having a good time or like she’s thinking, “get me the heck outta here!”?

So, I ask you… crazy? cruel? or creative stroke of genius?

Have a restful weekend!




Create with Coffee Sacks

Whoever thought Daylight Savings Time was a great idea obviously never had children. My early-to-rise two year old is not only free from the confines of a crib as of last month, but ever since Sunday, he has been up and at ’em at FIVE. A.M. greeting me at my bedside. Needless to say, I have coffee on the brain these days. A girlfriend of mine recently snagged me a couple of burlap coffee sacks to reinvent into gifts and home decor. Have you ever thought of the many ways you can use a recycled coffee sack? Neither have I until I stumbled on these clever ideas.

{Image via Ordinary Meets Clever}
I’m sure you’ve noticed my affinity for interesting cork boards. I’ll have to add this to the list of great bulletin board ideas.

{image via Habitation Boheme’s Etsy shop}

{Image via Ballard Designs}
I have these cream colored fabric foot stools floating around the house. You could say they’re pretty drab. They were a hand-me-down from a designer friend of mine who has way cooler hair than I do. After seeing this, I’m convinced there’s hope for my second hand cubes. If you’re like me and you don’t want to spend nearly $300 on this ottoman {gulp!}, you can always create your own version of this Burlap Coffee Sack Ottoman with this tutorial by Knock Off Decor.

{image via Re-nest}
Coffee Bag Planter Pots… Brilliant!

{image via Paige of Design}
Oh, if I ever get my sunroom/craft space in my dream house, I will consider these coffee sack window treatments for sure!

{image via Maya*Made}
If you want to try making these yourself, you can purchase the sewing pattern pdf from Designs Maya Made Etsy Shop.

If you don’t have amazing friends like I have that will snag you coffee sacks whenever they stumble across them, consider contacting a nearby coffee roaster and ask if they have any for purchase. You may luck out and be able to take them off their hands for free! I’ve seen them at antique markets, architectual salvage yards, and of course you can always find them on ebay.

Thank you, Salem for the early morning inspiration. NOW GO BACK TO SLEEP!!!!!!

Free Cool Fonts!

“You have the handwriting of a serial killer.”

— Clairee from “Steel Magnolias”

 This is one of my favorite movies {and quotes} of all times. In fact, I think if I put my mind to it, I could write a post comprised entirely of quotes from Steel Magnolias since I’ve practically memorized every line! Ah…another post for another day perhaps.

I am working on a baby shower invitation for a dear friend. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with some of the free handwriting and scrap booking fonts on Kevin and Amanda’s blog. If you have any interest in cool fonts {not to mention delicious recipes, inspiring photography, and note worthy blog tips} you can check out their blog here. There are so many cool fonts to choose from that I’m having trouble deciding. Here are the samples that I like the best. Can you help me decide?

Blog Spree

I am getting this week’s post in just under the wire. Blogging once on Sundays during Lent calls for one big “post binge”, wouldn’t you say? So here we go…

This was the scene around my house on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

While Clark and the kids were doing this….

I took the opportunity to whip up a quick project. Granted, after completing the community board for Center City Church, I didn’t want to look at another wine cork for weeks. But, the creativity bug, she did bite this weekend and, well, here you have it.

Wine cork magnets!! An exacto-knife, some wicked-strong glue and a magnet from your local hardware store and voila! I have some parties coming up, and I plan to send out invitations with these wine cork magnets. That way guests can keep the invite on their fridge and look forward to the upcoming event for weeks to come!

Crafty? Cheesy? You decide.

I ventured out to a local fabric warehouse this weekend just outside of Charlotte. I sent this pic to Clark via text with the caption, “I’m in heaven”.

I couldn’t even begin to look at all that Mary Jo’s fabrics had to offer. This is just one row of dozens in their upholstery department alone. I pulled a few samples, so just for fun, what do you say we play a round of “Which swatch would you pick?”

First, the dining room chairs.

Go on. You can say it. They’re hideous. Drab, sad, uninspiring, spiritless… feel free to insert your own descriptive here. I inherited them from my mother when Clark and I got our first apartment. While I am enormously grateful for free furniture, these cushions are about 15 years overdue for a re-cover.

Would you choose the bold, colorful, geometric pattern or the clean, timeless, and more “grown up” solid pear shade?

Wait, there’s more…

We’ve been living with these swatches against our celery sprig walls for the last couple of days. Don’t get me wrong. I like my neighbors, but the view from my kitchen looks directly into theirs. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed admiring her fresh flowers and her new dish towels, this is taking neighborly affection a tad bit too far, don’t you think? Hence, the cafe curtains. I’m pretty sure we’ve decided which pattern we like, but I am curious to know which one you would pick.

And of course, I’ve saved the best for last. What is a blog post from me without a good laugh at my own expense? Salem and I were a couple of groupies while Clark played in the band for his dad’s surprise 60th birthday bash in Mississippi last weekend. As you well know, Salem is my little Steve Jordan– he can turn just about anything into a drum. Table tops, trees, bushes, his sister…. but this, I must admit, is rather innovative even for a toddler. Watch closely. You won’t want to miss his crash hits.

Kid’s got talent. Interesting choice of percussive double, but, that’s boys for you. Its all fun and games until mom subs as a crash cymbal.

Until next weekend, I leave you with some interesting web finds:

Everything Important About London

Fun with coffee filters

Yet another way to wear a scarf

Now that’s what I call multi-tasking


Weekend Highlights

When I said I was giving up blogging for Lent, I had no idea that it would be this difficult. Sundays allow for what is otherwise abstained from during Lent, so I’ve been preparing a highlight post in hopes to give you a glimpse of the past week. You may want to grab a drink and a light snack. There’s no telling how long this might take. Kidding…. no seriously.

Let’s begin with a pop quiz, shall we?

Let’s just say, hypothetically speaking, you went to the market on Monday with both of your children in tow and purchased a week’s worth of groceries. As a reward for saving, oh, say $51.52 being the diligent coupon-clipping shopper that you are, you treated yourself to a six pack of your favorite adult beverage. With one child wiggling inside the baby sling and the other demanding yet another free sugar cookie meant for valued customers only, you kindly refuse the bag boy’s offer for help with loading your groceries into your vehicle because, quite frankly, you don’t want to feel obligated to give him a tip. This being your first mistake, you realize only after you’ve made it home, unloaded the car, restocked the fridge and the pantry with your carefully selected merchandise, that, sadly, you have unknowingly abandoned your prized beverage. Perhaps you were distracted by a toddler with a sweet tooth, but nevertheless, there it lies, stranded in a shopping cart miles away instead of safely tucked in the bottom shelf of your refrigerator door. Do you…

a.) Chalk it up to a “mommy moment” and promise yourself another “sugar cookie” (or six) at your next visit

b.) Take that as a sign that you should have given up alcohol instead of blogging for Lent?


c.) Return to the market with your receipt (sans children), explain what happened, and reclaim your orphaned refreshment

Let’s just say, you choose option “c”. You return to the market with proof of purchase, and explain to the new-hire behind the customer service desk that you’ve come to pick up your deserted brew. She makes a phone call, no doubt to someone with more power than she, and you hear her say, “No, she looks like a mom”. Gee, is it that obvious? A few moments later, a portly gentlemen with a pocket protector and a rather large set of keys appears to confirm that you do, in fact, “look like a mom” and that your story is plausible. You are cleared to enter the over-21 aisle and off you go with your drink of choice carefully stowed away in the front seat of your minivan.

A few days later, your husband leaves town. You get ambitious and decide to clean out that overstocked storage closet that could single-handedly clothe a small village in Africa. You’re feeling pretty good about doing your part– removing the excess, giving to those less fortunate, finding your center… and so on. You open the hatch back to load your minivan with the bounty of sheer benevolence, when what is that peeking out from underneath a stack of CDs and a pair of jumper cables, but the original six-pack that you supposedly abandoned at the store on Monday’s market venture.

Do you…

a.) Determine that you somehow convinced yourself you must have dreamt that Shock Top was running a Buy 1 Get 1 special.

b.) Go back to the store with an oversized tote and pray the camera doesn’t catch you re-stocking the shelf with stolen beer

c.) Consider it manna from heaven and invite some friends over for some laughs over a few drinks

{Note: When in doubt, always choose “c”}

In other news….

I was nursing Mia on Saturday afternoon when my son decided to use my arm as a crash cymbal. I told him, “No drumming on mommy”. I think he’s clever enough to figure out that I am helplessly land-locked while I’m nursing because he did not heed the warning. I said, “Salem, go to time out”… thinking, “no two year old in their right mind is going to willingly put themselves in time out, much less the smelly trash corner.” Our time out zone is the hallway leading to the back patio where we keep the smelly trash before garbage day. I try to make the point that our smelly attitudes belong in the trash. I know. God only knows how much a therapist is going to bank out of that one day. Still, without so much as a fuss…. he went! I hear him from the back of the house saying, “Don’t hit mommy”… along with “I tooted”. Gotta love boys.

My Unfinished Projects Party was a success on Saturday. I made my favorite chocolate chip cookies, and I worked on this…

After the above-mentioned “hypothetical situation” with the re-claimed six-pack, I hardly expect you to believe that I did not collect all of these wine corks by myself. This particular wine cork board is for my church to post community announcements. I’m pretty sure we are going to be the only church in the history of churches everywhere in Charlotte that has an announcement board full of wine corks, but its like I always say, “Friends don’t let friends in ministry drink…alone.” I did not complete my project, but I did, however, learn a new word from my friend Kellie of Little Nummies blog. Have you ever heard anyone use the word “natty” ? According to Webster “natty” means, “neatly or trimly smart in dress or appearance; spruce.” Perhaps Kellie and I will start a campaign to bring back in style. Will you support our word cause?

And finally, I’ve been doing a little site-snooping. Here’s what’s been happening around the web:

More fun with long hair

Some great advice from the blogging experts…

DIY silhouette art

A “natty” new magazine

Adorable country wedding photo shoot…

Stay tuned for another highlight post next Sunday! Until then… pop a cork (and send it to me), put your feet up, and surf the above sites. I know you’ll enjoy. See you next weekend!

Teething Bling

Mia has yet to cut her first tooth, but no matter if it is my hair, her brother’s drum stick, or jewelry of any sort, it immediately goes into her mouth. I met the owner of Another Feather’s Etsy shop this weekend. She just so happened to notice Amelia mercilessly chomping on my chain necklace at church on Sunday, and suggested that I look into teething jewelry. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Here are a few of my favorite finds…

Gold Metallic Donut Teething Bling Necklace by Baby and Me Gifts– I think it looks like a giant lifesaver, but hey. Whatever works, right?

Oh Plah! Teething Cuff by Roundhouse

Organic Brown Heli Chomping Necklace by Tweet Baby Designs

While I thoroughly enjoy Mia’s gummy smiles, teething has been tough on baby, mama, and mama’s jewelry. If I can alleviate one out of the three of us from suffering, I’d say it is worth it.

Any teething tips you’d care to share? I’m all ears.


I do…. get carried away!

I may have gotten carried away this morning with wedding fantasies. Granted, I am married and have already had the only wedding I ever care to, but I have several friends planning their weddings right now, and, well, what can I say? I’m a girl, and getting excited about weddings is just part of what we do. I think these matchboxes are such a clever idea for a wedding favor.

{Image via For Your Party}

Once I stumbled on the convertible red, the shiny celadon text, and the Jane Austen font, I simply couldn’t resist. Before I could help myself, I was designing mine my own wedding favor matchbook while quoting Mr. Darcy, himself! See for yourself on My custom design on ForYourParty.com.

While we’re on the subject, picture this…

…gorgeous J Crew wedding dress

{Image via Steep Street}

…. with this Birdcage veil and the romantic hair

{Image via… I have no idea, but whoever you are, you have mad talent!}

… in this intimate backyard setting.

Come on! Tell me being a girl isn’t just plain fun sometimes!




Working Class Studio

While I was vacationing in Amelia Island last week, I stumbled into a small design studio. Unfortunately, the studio will have to remain nameless because, well, frankly, the owner was rather snooty. But, before shaking the proverbial dust off my feet, upon my exit, I noticed these unique picture frames hanging in the corner.

Puffy Frame :: Rectangle :: Slate

Puffy Frame :: Square :: Gecko

These Puffy Frames were created by talented students from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). They are part of a home decor line called Working Class Studio.

The Cassie Collection: Gecko Owl

The Cassie Collection: Burnt Scarlet Bloom

I love these vibrant fabrics! I’m adding some pillows to my couch and love seat, and these would dress things up rather nicely.

Amber Collection: Bustier Note Cards

Re-gift Branch Note Cards in Espresso

Perhaps if I had inspiring stationary like this, it would not take me so long to send out those thank you notes from Salem’s birthday party in November! Then again the Bustier note card may not be the appropriate choice for a thank you note from a little boy.

Be sure to check out the rest of their line and locate a store near you!!

La Vie En Rosettes

I was simply admiring a friend’s necklace a few weeks ago, when suddenly I was struck by the endless possibilities of fabric rosettes. I tried my hand at a few at last Saturday’s Unfinished Projects Party. Here is some of the inspiration I’ve been enjoying.

Scientific Seamstress’ blog posted this beautiful Frayed Rosette Bib Necklace Tutorial.

Contributing author, Sis Boom Fabrics offeres free downloadable patters.  I downloaded their rosette tutorial to make these beautiful frayed rosettes.

Some more inspiration…

Girls Night Out Rosette Bib Necklace by BejeweledBespoke’s Etsy shop

These images are from Little Birdie Secrets blog fabric rosette tutorial. I’m using a blend of her technique with the Sis Boom Fabrics method to make my own. You should see my craft room! It is covered with strips of fabric from anything I could get my hands on. My husband is lucky I didn’t start fraying his pjs in his sleep!

Weekend Getaway Fabric Flower Rosette Bib Necklace

Miss Priss Customizable Fabric Flower Rosette Headband Hair Clip

Sweet Grapes Fabric Flower Rosettes Headband

These rosette-inspired accessories called Happy Little Lovelies come from Sweet Apple 30’s Etsy shop. Necklaces, headbands, rings…. I’m experimenting with dressing up some old slip-ons and tote bags too! The possibilities are endless with these rosettes. And, she lives right here in Charlotte! Oh, please lets be friends!

Its a race to the finish with Christmas being only…. gulp…. four days away! I like going the handmade route on special occasions, but cutting it this close, I’m burning the midnight oil to get it all done. I will post some pictures of the finished products when I’m through.

Have you made anything special this holiday? Send me your project ideas. I’d love to see what you’ve been up to!

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