Let the Games Begin

baby shower balloons

What are you doing this weekend? I am coordinating the games and activities for a baby shower on Saturday. Let’s face it. Baby shower games are usually lame, but not on my watch! I think the best activities are those that somehow involve Dad, don’t you?  After all, he is a key player in this whole Baby Gig. I’m still on the fence with a few activity ideas, so I thought I would ask you: Played any good shower games lately?

Thanks for the suggestions, and have a great weekend!

{Image via The Indigo Bunting}

The Great Outdoors


It’s June– the most wonderful time of year for outdoor parties and weddings, picnics and grilling out!! I am so excited about it that I am dedicating this entire month to celebrating the great outdoors.

I love a good party, so when I saw the pictures from this outdoor baby shower, it was almost enough to make me want to get pregnant again.


And then I felt a deep pang of sympathy for those of you ladies who are pregnant during the summer months. For me it was a TORTURE! You get a free pass to celebrate the great outdoors under the shade with a cold beverage.

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

{Image via Monica Wang for Emily Henderson}

Play At Your Own Risk

Clark hates board games. I lose all dignity and self-regulating ability while playing board games. I suddenly become a loud and oversized hyperactive child especially if the game involves any kind of buzzer. So Clark and I tread lightly on the subject of party games, and we certainly choose our contestant candidates very carefully. There are a few I will risk bearing witness to my unstable, buzzer- manic episodes. All that to say, this one looks kind of fun.


Have you ever played Boxers or Briefs? From what I can tell, there is no buzzer, so it might be safe to debut it at the next dinner party.

What are some of your favorite party games?