Soap Box

Typical London Photo

I’m not one to get all soap box-y, but after re-reading this New York Times article, I wondered if the Britons might add to the list of Things They Don’t Admire About Americans how Syria can be on the brink of a civil war, and yet the biggest scoop to hit US headlines this week is Miley Cyrus’ twerking episode on the VMA’s.

PS. Spell Check still flags the term “twerking”. Does this mean that I can get away with being a little sudsy today?

Have a great Thursday!

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Happy Monday!

jillie flickr

It’s a stay-indoors-and-listen-to-the-Beatles kind of day.

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The Beatles’ Success

Beatles pillow fight 2 This morning, I taught the kids how to pillow fight. It reminded me of this picture of the Beatles in Paris in 1964. They was their delirious response upon learning the news that the song, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” had topped the charts in America. If all my kids learned this morning is who the Beatles were and how to pillow fight, I already call this day a success.

What would make your day a success?

Ready For the Weekend


It’s date night, and I am still glistening with sunscreen from this morning’s pool party with the kiddos. I see pub food and casual conversation in our near future. What are you doing this weekend? Here’s a few links that made me click twice this week.

He with the most Facebook friends wins apparently.

Nicole Kidman– the early years

Clark and Mia dead ringers

My kids new favorite book

Invite for my next At-Home Date Night

Butter in coffee?

Good advice for summertime runners

The Happy Movie just made my instant queue

Well, that’s all for now….I hope you enjoy the official first weekend of summer!

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Reality Protest

 My body may be home from vacation, but my mind is still far away. Have patience with me while I savor the escape.

Have a cheery Monday!

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One Day in History



Norwegian photographer, Andrea Gjestvang won the 2013 Sony World Photography Award for portraying the youth survivors of the Utoya massacre in 2011.

I have trouble wrapping my mind around events like this, but these thoughtful images provide a face for the pain and an invitation to the rest of the world to weep with those who weep. I can’t get their faces out of my head, and I suspect that is the whole idea. Such a beautiful extraction of art from human tragedy is meant to stay with us even when the rest of the world has moved on to other headlines.

Thank you, Gjestvang for inviting me to remember this one day in history.

A Family Yearbook

Do you keep up with the baby books?

I feel a twinge of guilt whenever I am folding laundry, and I look up at the shelf above utility sink at the two baby books that I started before each of my children were born. The blue one is bursting with first haircuts, ticket stubs, sticky notes of funny sayings, and napkins from first birthday parties. The pink one looks like the binding has never been broken. I started this blog when Mia was a month old, and it has become more of a daily life and inspiration journal of her early years than perhaps a traditional baby book might have been. At least that’s what I tell myself to make myself feel better.

My friend Shelly is not only a talented interior designer and photographer, but she is an inspiring wife and mother. She creates an annual “Family Yearbook” for her party of three that has inspired me to do the same.

They even sign it like an actual yearbook!

My photos and videos tend to get stuck in Digital Purgatory. Call me “old-fashioned”, but sometimes I just feel like cozying up with my memories page by timeless page rather than scrolling through them at stop lights or waiting in line at the bank. Thank you, Shelly, for turning my page-flipping fantasy into a keepsake reality. Be sure to check out Shelly’s blog for tips on how to make your own Family Yearbook.

How do you preserve and enjoy your family memories?

May: Memories

laughing girls 2

A photographer was at an estate sale rummaging through stacks of primary school books dating back to the 20’s-40’s when he found this photo pressed between two of the books. No names or any other identifying description written on the back… just antique evidence that once upon a time two little girls had one heck of a good time. I’ve stared at this picture for two days and I’m still smiling. The bows. The bangs. Can you even handle it?

This month’s topic is dedicated to Memories– people, places, events, and eras. I am often more preoccupied with future plans and goals, yet with all of the modern conveniences and digital pathways to efficiency, I rarely pause to remember and reflect. For crying out loud, I can’t slow my brain down long enough to recall what I did last weekend much less the impact yesterday has had on who I am at the present moment.

So what do you say? Care for a stroll down memory lane?

{Image restored by SC Tate}

Road Trip Ent.

Couple taking a road trip in vintage car.

We are on the road! I wish I could say we were headed for an exotic weekend getaway, but the reality is, we are headed to Macon, Ga. No offense to Macon-ators, but the most exciting thing I have found there is the drive-thru Starbucks that still serves Berry Blossom White tea. BTW, That needs to make a come-back in all S’bucks everywhere, don’t you think? {Any To Do #394: Send BBW tea request to Howard Schultz.}

And use fewer abbr. in LLB posts apparently. J/K

Salem has his three month appointment with the Autism specialist, and since he won’t let me sing in the car {or anywhere for that matter}, I have plenty of podcasts on deck… everything from the latest New Yorker: Fiction reading {when I’m alone, I like to practice my Deborah Treisman impersonation} to a recent interview with the ultimate party planner, David Stark. Did you know there is actually a podcast called Stuff You Should Know? It sounded just weird enough for me to listen to and last week, wouldn’t you know, I learned something I never knew that I should have known… thus a podcast aptly named. What sort of entertainment do you like to bring on road trips?

Have a great weekend!
CYA Mon.!

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Weekend with the Family

Ferdinando image{image via Marianna Di Ferdinando}

What are you doing this weekend?

 Clark’s parents are in town which means lots of walks, talks, home movies, and grilling out. I love my in laws. I’m never more relaxed than when they are around. How about you? Do you get along with your significant other’s family?

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