Calling in for Reinforcement

It’s official. I am a bona fide word nerd. I’ve spent the better part of my morning at Amelie’s penning the verse for Mia’s birthday party invitation. Once again, I am calling in for reinforcement. You were all so helpful in choosing the font for Ginny’s baby shower invitation that I am now enlisting your font suggestion for Amelia’s tea party invite.

Do you like…

Option A

Option B

… or Option C

You decide…. I’m worded out!

A Rainy Stroll in Paris

It is mom’s morning out, and I’ve settled into my favovrite spot in Amelie’s. I sprang for a chai rather than my usual white tea… I know… I’m a wild woman. It is freezing rain outside and the sun hasn’t come up yet. Ella is singing Summertime overhead (which I find very appropriate on a day like this). I’m sitting next to one of those faux fireplaces that actually makes crackling noises so you almost psyche yourself into thinking you are in front of a real fire, and all that I can think of is a quote from one of my favorite plays of all time,  Steel Magnolias:

“On cloudy days, I feel like God’s not trying very hard so I don’t have to either.”

A Rainy Stroll in Paris by Soli Deo Gloria

24/7… sometimes

It’s Mom’s early morning out, and after the night I had last night (see “Elmo Potty” post), I had my sights set on checking out a prayer room that came very highly recommended in NoDa, Charlotte’s historic arts district. The website didn’t disclose an address as far as I could tell. I suppose I was to pray and ask God to lead me to their location. So there I was driving up and down North Davidson at 6am this morning in 25 degree weather hunting for the 24/7 prayer room feeling anything but Godly, when Hallelujah! I found it! The motion sensor floodlight above the door lit up at my approach as though the angels had been expecting me. Did I mention the place is called “24/7”? This was the sign on the door….

Oh, the irony…. oh well, there’s always Amelies, right?