Embrace the Gray

We are settling into our new space little by little. The unpacking process is loathsome, but designing the new space and repurposing pieces from the old space– that part is always fun. I haven’t quite bonded with the new space yet. In fact, when our landlord renovated the interior he chose to re-paint and re-carpet the entire space in two different shades of gray. Wall to wall, floor to ceiling… G.R.A.Y. Now, I like gray. Gray is the new black, right? Gray walls are better than Builder’s White and yet they are still neutral enough to play with colors and patterns. Here’s the exact color swatch.

Lazy Gray

It is even called “Lazy Gray” by Sherwin Williams. It should make me feel relaxed and carefree, right?

But the space is small and oddly configured and it doesn’t allow for much natural light. So, even Lazy Gray can easily become dreary. Yesterday, I felt like the walls were closing in on me, so I went across the street to the nearest nail salon to get a pedicure, and I picked the brightest color on the shelf just to make me feel better.


I realize I have to make friends with Lazy Gray if we are going to be sharing the same living space for the next several months. Here are a few gray-inspired interiors that are helping me embrace the gray.

Apartment Therapy

gray wall

  yellow frames

Have you included gray in any of your color schemes? What do you think? Drab or Fab?

{Images via 1, 2, 3}

Happy Sleeping

If rest and renewal is key to overall good health, then we ought to at least be inspired by our sleeping spaces {not too inspired that we stay awake though, right?} I have to admit, the room in my house that I currently feel the least inspired by is our master bedroom. With two small children, it seems I spend more time in every room but my own, therefore it has been sadly neglected. Lately, I have been collecting ideas for making my bedroom more of a sanctuary retreat. Here are a few of my favorites:

My Ideal Home

{Image via My Ideal Home}

Marcia Margolius

{Image via Marcia Margolius}

House of Turquoise

{Image via House of Turquoise}

Dreamy Whites

{Image via Dreamy Whites}

Apartment Therapy recently ran a Bedroom Retreat contest. Here are a few of my favorite entries:

ATBR entry 1

ATBR entry 2

ATBR entry 3

{All images via Apartment Therapy}

Throw in a fireplace mantel with lots of natural light, white, and cozy textiles and I may never leave my bedroom!
Does your master bedroom inspire you?

P.S. Click here to see the rest of the contest entries along with the U.S. and international entry winners.

Mia’s Magic Canopy Bed

You may or may not remember that I spent the better part of my third trimester with Mia sewing these curtains.

{Pause to console my three-year-old who is deathly afraid of a singing clown on DVD.
Truth is… he scares me too}

Hey there, welcome back. Where was I? Oh yes, third-trimester-nursery curtains. Mia’s room in our current house sports two walls of windows. The new house requires about an 1/8th of the drapery. So what am I going to do with all of this extra material?

The answer is almost always, Apartment Therapy.

I came across this post of not one, but TEN Ways to Get the Canopy Look Without Buying a New Bed. Don’t you think bed canopies are so wistful and feminine? Just like my Mia…which is why I’ve claimed “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police as her theme song. I wonder which song my parents dedicated to me as a kid…. She’s a maniac, maniac on the floor.

 I’ll be sure to post pics of Mia’s Magic Canopy. In the meantime… dance like you’ve never danced before.

Party Poms

I woke up before my alarm with birthday on the brain! Mia’s 1st Birthday Tea Party is this Saturday, and all I could think about this morning was where on Earth I was going to find a teapot cookie cutter. Of all the thoughts to wake up to on a Tuesday…

Apartment Therapy featured these tissue paper pompoms, and I got inspired to create my own over the weekend. I attempted Martha Stewart’s tissue paper pompom tutorial and lets just say that my party poms looked more like the product of a drunken cheerleader than anything even remotely display-worthy. While we’re on the topic, am I the only one that has to read Martha’s photo tutorials two and three times and they still don’t make complete sense? Fortunately, I stumbled on a video tutorial where I inevitably had an “Ah-ha” moment where it all came together and I said out loud, “Oh that’s how you do it.” You’ll have to bear with the 10 minutes of commentary from the film maker who is attempting to juggle both the camera and the tissue paper pompoms, but the end result is quite impressive.

Party poms…. take two. Wish me luck!