I just stuck the 4th round of tic tacs in my mouth and I feel like Bleeker from the movie, Juno.

Happy Friday, everyone!

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this inspiration board idea by Bryn Alexandra.

I had every intention of lining my vanilla hallways with inspiring colors, photos, and fabric swatches, but sadly, it never transpired. If you saw the boxes and bags bursting with scraps out of my craft room, you would think I was auditioning for an episode of Hoarders or something. At least once a day I wish I could just wave a magic wand and all my creative inspiration would magically organize itself, and I could whip up creative projects on a whim that would give Martha Stewart a run for her money. Sadly, my craft corner {which is nothing more than a converted butler’s pantry} looks more like a vandalized Hobby Lobby.

Enter the Good Pinterest Fairy.

Pinterest. You may have heard the buzz already. It is a virtual inspiration board. Virtual. As in no scraps. No clutter. No wrinkly magazine pages stuck to the fridge with a magnet that says, “I gave up running because my thighs kept rubbing together and setting my pantyhose on fire.” None of that. You simply stumble on a web image that you like and “pin” it as a sort of visual bookmark that you can reference later. Bam. You’re done. Easy as pie! Here’s a glimpse of my favorite home interior pins…

Apparently, I’m digging stripes these days.

The best part is, we can “follow” each other’s boards and share all sorts of inspiration from home decor, to fashion, to inspiring books and DIY projects. Visit and request an invitation. Once you’ve registered, decide on your inspiration categories and start pinning. Oh, and don’t forget to let me know so I can follow you! If you get some down time this weekend, take a look and then you’ll understand why I simply say…

You’re welcome!



Hallways and Pantries and Clothespins, Oh My!

After my epic thread jam incident on Tuesday night, I set to work collecting inspiration for my home studio. As of now, my “office” consists of an armoire in the hallway, and my studio is a converted butler’s pantry. These areas are not the most spacious, nor are they the most organized. So, I’ve consulted the experts for some creative and inspiring space saving tips.

Image via Lauren Nelson

Notice the wire make shift clothesline. How handy would that be to simply pin up receipts, mail, and fabric swatches with a clothespin rather than having them clutter up precious counter space?

Image via Holly Mathis Interiors

There are so many things I love about this desk (especially the “I Love You Blogs and Coffee” print from Made by Girl on Etsy), but what I want to know is what’s hiding behind that table skirt! It would be so nice to store craft supplies and office files behind a colorful fabric rather than having bank statements and fabric glue out at all times for pop-in visitors to see. Who’s with me for a clutter-free life?

Image via Lonny Mag

A girl can dream right?

I am a big believer in inspiration boards, and I’ve always admired these by Bryn Alexandra. I plan to hang a couple of these in my office/hallway. Since I have my hand in about a dozen different projects right now, this will certainly help keep me organized.

If you think your small and uninspiring work space is utterly hopeless, think again. This before and after home studio by Ish and Chi has me absolutely convinced, I too can make a creative haven even out of the butler’s pantry.


And after…

Love love love it! Some paint, a few floating shelves, framed wall paper and fabric covered clip boards and this girl is in business! And she did all of this for under $1000! I’m impressed. This post as well as How to Create a Studio on a Budget by Decorator in a Box are both great resources for any one wants to design an inspiring creative space without breaking the bank.

Other helpful resources:

Kate Pruitt’s tips on home office organization

Design Sponge Best of: Offices one and two

Elle Decor’s Recipe for a Room


I think we’re off to a good start!

Bryn Alexandra

Designer Bryn Dunn from Charlotte, NC has assembled this FABULOUS Fall giveaway! You can enter to win here. Be sure to check out her blog for some interior inspiration and good luck to all who enter to win her giveaway!