Eddie O’Bryan

Clark’s web designer from Creativity Mill is working on a mock-up for the new web page (which is still under construction at www.centercitysoundlab.com). I just so happened to notice last night that Clark is featuring voice lessons in addition to guitar instruction, song writing coaching, and live performance consultation. Funny. Clark isn’t a voice teacher. Oh wait. I get it. I am going to be teaching voice lessons in this studio space as well. Hmmm…. I know I am hard of hearing, but I think I would have remembered agreeing to that. ūüôā Well, the idea actually got me excited and it motivated me even more to be creative with the studio’s interior design since now I am going to be using it too.¬† As enchanting as Clark’s Radiohead Amnesiac poster is (which I promised to work into the scheme of things), I came across Eddle O’Bryan Photography, and I absolutely fell in love this Tybee Island photo. Check him out and let me know which one is your favorite?

Music Mayhem

There are so many great things about having a husband that works from home. There is, however, a downside. My sweetheart is a musician, and a guitarist at that, so I have married into more wires, cables, pedals, and issues of Guitar Magazine than a girl could ever dream possible. Our first apartment was overrun with gear….. we didn’t have a coffee table, so I suggested we use one of Clark’s amps. It was at that moment we both realized that he needed his own music room. Otherwise, I was going to use his pedals as flower planters or something. We struck gold with our first home…. there was a sound treated music studio already in the basement when we found the place! It was beautiful….. Clark was swimming up to his neck in gear and it didn’t trickle into our other living spaces. No pedal planters. Above ground was a clean, organized, well-efficient use of space. Below ground was a growing web of electronics that looked like Radio Shack exploded in our basement. Two different worlds underneath the same roof.¬†I didn’t venture into his space too often, other than for an impromptu song writing session, and we were both pretty o.k. with that. Shortly after moving to Charlotte, we began to miss our basement…. terribly. Our new place has a sun room that is visible through french doors so what was once tucked away from view is now the first thing people see when they walk through our front door. Hmmm…. if it is true that your home is your portfolio, then we look like we’re starting a chain of pawn shops. When Clark told me that Center City Sound Lab was expanding from guitar lessons to include song-writing coaching and consulting live performers, it was the motivation I needed to re-do the sun room studio. Right now, that space ¬†looks about as inspiring as a storage closet. ¬†There is NO way any top tens are comin’ out of there. Well, I may have bit off more than I can chew this time. I tore through the room over the weekend– painting walls and furniture and cleaning out boxes of… empty guitar string wrappers? Ugh…. sigh.It went from bad to worse as now Clark has set up shop to teach lessons from our living room! Amps and baby swings side by side….¬†my foyer looks like a yard sale that has been picked over. I am on a mission to finish the studio this week. I am using Clark’s *brand logo as my inspiration for the color scheme in the room.

I took his business card to Home Depot and the paint-“etician” matched the gray from the card in a much lighter shade for the wall color. Five cans of black spray paint later, I was high as a kite, but the furniture is no longer doo-doo brown. I’ve got a vision for some stenciling and interesting orange accessories. In the mean time, I may have had a little fun dressing up this clock.

It may not make the final cut, but hey, I was inspired. And that’s what this space is for, right?

*image by Nathan Longbrook at Creativity Mill