Beasley vs. Norris

After Clark read my post from yesterday, he said that I didn’t exactly paint him in the most “manly” of lights. Perhaps it was when I said that he prefers girlie drinks or that he can quote Steel Magnolia’s. I think only a man truly confident in his manliness can admit to these qualities. However, I realized that I have not properly introduced him to this blogging community and therefore may leave much more than intended to the imagination.

Sooooo….. in my attempts to remedy any false impressions of my husband’s masculinity….

Introducing, Clark Beasley–  Guitar Shredder, Handy Man, Grilling Extraordinaire, Sci-Fi Lover and often times mistaken for Chuck Norris

There will be opportunities to get more acquainted with Clark in future posts, but for now let the record state that my husband is and always will be a male force to be reckoned with (Insert Tim Allen, Home Improvement grunt here).