Getting to Know You- the Music Edition

Today I feel like singing.

And so, I’d like to take a moment and reflect on some of my favorite records of all time, their seasons and the memories in their melodies…

Patti Griffin- Flaming Red (Road trips to the beach and being the only girl traveling with a bunch of smelly musicians)

Jill Phillips- Writing on the Wall (Georgia in the Fall and wondering if I would ever survive my post-college early twenties)

Matt Redman- Face Down (Makes me thankful for my faith and for the people that I’ve encountered in my journey toward God)

John Mayer- Heavier Things or Any Given Thursday (Also Georgia in the Fall, black licoriche candles and down comforters in rain storms, and wondering why in the world I ever wanted to grew up.)

Damien Rice – O (Reminiscent of life after heartbreak).

Frou Frou (The Garden State Tracks)– Falling in love with my husband (not to mention that this marked the beginning of my obsession with British pop)

LifeHouse- No Name Face (So college in West Palm Beach…. years later, I still have every word memorized and I can still smell the salt water in the air.)

It’s funny to me that these aren’t even necessarily reflective of my current musical taste, but they befriended me at some point along the journey, and so, this is my way of showing appreciation.

For the music edition of Getting to Know You, please comment below and share with us your favorite record and any memories associated with it. I look forward to hearing them all!