A Rainy Stroll in Paris

It is mom’s morning out, and I’ve settled into my favovrite spot in Amelie’s. I sprang for a chai rather than my usual white tea… I know… I’m a wild woman. It is freezing rain outside and the sun hasn’t come up yet. Ella is singing Summertime overhead (which I find very appropriate on a day like this). I’m sitting next to one of those faux fireplaces that actually makes crackling noises so you almost psyche yourself into thinking you are in front of a real fire, and all that I can think of is a quote from one of my favorite plays of all time,  Steel Magnolias:

“On cloudy days, I feel like God’s not trying very hard so I don’t have to either.”

A Rainy Stroll in Paris by Soli Deo Gloria

Cold Feet

It is FREEZING in Charlotte. I’m sure my Minneapolis friends are snickering even now while I’m complaining about winter weather in the south. Well, to add to my plight, my washing machine has been on the fritz for two weeks which means no warm sock….well, no clean warm socks. Brrr!

These Istanbul inspired Mukluks by Aykelila are going on my Christmas wish list. Check out their etsy shop and keep warm!

High-Tech Red Neck

The differences between men and women never cease to amaze me. I found this BoomCase Vintage Suitcase on Etsy last week, and I thought it would be a fun addition to Clark’s music studio (which by the way, we are putting the finishing touches on this week! Pictures soon to come.) This morning he caught me looking at it again online, and his face sort of contorted like it does when he’s changing one of Mia’s dirty diapers. He cocked his head to one side as if to say, “you can’t be serious”. The conversation went as follows:

Me: “What? don’t you think it would be a cool piece for your studio?

Clark: “It’s a piece all right.” (Translation: “It is a P.O.S. all right.”)

Me: “Look you can plug your ipod into it and it plays music.”

Clark: “Oh, so it’s like high-tech red neck?”

I laughed so hard and ultimately forfeited any hope for a rebuttal.

BoomCase closed!

Paper Chain

My sister is starting a non-profit called The Paper Chain Foundation that benefits children of incarcerated parents. She and I grew up in such a home, and let me tell you from first-hand experience, the family does time right along with the inmate, only they don’t get 3 square meals, laundry service, and recreation time. Ooo…. this is a bit of a hot topic for me, so I’ll get to the point. I believe so much is what she is doing to meet some of the practical needs of these families that I want to do whatever I can to help her fulfill her vision. So, I am launching my first boutique line item for Lullabuy Design… the Nursing Buy Design bracelet. Check out my Etsy shop for more details. Part of the proceeds from sales will go toward launching The Paper Chain Foundation. Thanks for your support!

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