Good Health Starts in the Kitchen

Thanks for all of the encouragement from yesterday’s post. That wasn’t the easiest story to tell, but at least it has a happy ending, right? Let it be said for all times’ sake, if I can lose all that weight…sheesh… ANYone can!

If we want to follow a healthy lifestyle, the least we ought to have is an inspiring kitchen, yes? Here are a few that I thought you might enjoy.

Kitchen-Collage{Image via Alice Lane Home}

Custom Herb Garden{Image of Custom Herb Garden by Kristen Mcgaughey}

2Eleonore{Eleonore Bridge’s Paris kitchen image via *Design Sponge}

CLX-1028-111KimJeffery-lgn{Image via Kim Jeffery featured in Country Living}

ikea{IKEA Industrial Kitchen/ Image via bellaMUMMA}

I don’t know about you, but I have scored some of my best kitchen finds at IKEA {a.k.a. God’s gift to all people short of cash and space}. Check out this list of 10 Best Kitchen Items to Buy at IKEA.

What about your kitchen inspires you?

Fabric Book Slings

I was Pinterlust Pinterist-ing before bed the other night when I came across these hanging fabric book slings on Ohdeedoh

That’s when I had one of those, “I can make that” moments and immediately plunged head first into my fabric scrap basket to see if there was any worthwhile yardage I could convert into book slings for Salem’s room. My kids are big book lovers. We have stacks upon stacks of books in every room of the house, and last week when I found Sandra Boynton’s Barnyard Dance between my bed sheets, I vowed then and there to do something about the overgrowth of story books in our house. And then a sudden stroke of genius.

What do you get when you rip the stuffing out of the top of old crib bumpers?

Recycled fabric book slings

{You may be wondering why a fabric book sling is hanging from my kitchen window. The truth is that I have yet to learn my way around power tools. I know. It’s embarrassing. My handy-man-with-a-plan is at work today, and I was too impatient to see the finished product, so I opted for a pre-hung curtain rod. The good news is, no children were harmed in the making of this blog post.}

Back in 2008, I was so inspired by this Michael Miller fabric, that I designed Salem’s entire nursery around it.

I have never been a huge fan of “baby”-ish nurseries, so I went with a theme that perhaps could grow with him into his toddler and pre-school years. Three years later, I’m still in love with the color scheme and the guitar print, so I am thrilled that I can re-use his crib bumpers as book slings and hang them around his bedroom/playroom.

Last night, Clark put together Salem’s big boy bed from IKEA and he didn’t hurl any obscenities in the process… not one. If you’ve ever tried to assemble a piece of  profanity-inducing furniture from IKEA you can attest, that is the ultimate test of one’s character. I’m pretty sure when Mia brings home the man she wants to marry, we will first make him assemble a BESTA with nothing but a phillips head as we drill him with questions about his family values and personal history. Just kidding. Not really.

Last night was Salem’s very first night in his official big boy bed. {Tear tear…. sniff sniff}. At least I can hang on to his baby years a little while longer with his crib bumper book slings.

His toddler room is a work in progress, so I’ll be sure to update with more images soon. In the meantime, I am off to fish more books out from inside the laundry basket, underneath the dishwasher, and behind the toilet. I wish I was kidding.

Sticky Buns and Big Boy Beds

Do you live near an IKEA? I have been blessed to live within 10 minutes of one in the last two cities that I have called home. As part of Operation: Big Boy Bed, we decided to skip the toddler bed altogether and opt for a Twin which meant a trip to IKEA for the very best in cheap furniture that Sweden has to offer. And for Heaven’s sake, why does the entire store smells like sticky buns? I was not only fighting the most intense sugar craving of my life this morning, but I soon discovered that the furniture and textiles aren’t the only things that are cheap. The shopping carts have no power steering, therefore making it impossible to push in a straight line. I literally had to steer my kids at a 45 degree angle just to keep them on the center aisle. Note: IKEA shopping carts are not for the faint of heart. I was sweating by the time we reached the check-out counter. That explains the sticky buns. Sweat while you shop and then reward yourself with sweets. Those Swedes, I tell ya. Brilliant marketeers.

 All of the stars must be aligned today because my little ones were complete angels in the store….

…which allowed me to take my time and notice a few things I’d like to gift to myself this Christmas. {Which let’s face it, won’t happen, but a mom can dream right?}

TROLLSTA Tray Table— $99

KOTTEBO Basket— $16.99

VURM Wine Rack— $9.99
{Now believe it or not, we are not big wine drinkers. I’m thinking of mounting these up in my craft room and using them to sort my yarn. Perhaps that will keep Mia out of my knitting basket once and for all!

IDGRAN slippers— $12.99

ASELE silver table lamp— $44.99

…which oddly enough looks much like this Isabella lamp I’ve been drooling over for $275 a pop!

And finally…

VILSUHLT Picture, London Bus— $49.99
Every time I go to IKEA, I pay a visit to my favorite print and promise to one day bring it home and give it a name. I don’t even know where I would put it, but it is London-inspired and therefore welcomed as part of the family.

And after all that, I managed to come home with this…

Sure, it doesn’t look very inspiring now, but just you wait. Operation: Big Boy Bed will end in sweet victory.

Sweet like sticky buns…sweet.

Happy Monday, Everyone!