Amelia’s 1st Birthday Tea Party

Mia’s 1st Birthday Tea Party…. I struggle to know where to start. First things first, the party poms were a success.

For a moment there, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to pull them off, but they were a smash hit, and this little tissue paper display will soon make a new home in Mia’s bedroom.

This table featured everything the grown-up ladies might enjoy for brunch tea. Fine china, sterling silver, and sweets galore!

I loved these vintage tea boxes. Little accents like these along with the teapot cookie cutter and the cupcake necklace {compliments of Mia’s Nona} added a little something special to the overall display.

My sister bough Amelia this adorable “Got cupcakes?” apron. I just had to somehow sneak it into the decor. Did you notice the tea cup-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches? Those were my favorite. And thanks to Jones Design Company and Kevin and Amanda’s scrapbook fonts, I was able to design these adorable menu cards!

The Almond Chicken Salad sandwiches were delicious, but surprisingly not as popular as the mimosa punch. Go figure! And yet, as much fun as I had putting all of this together, I was most excited about my Mia tree centerpiece.

I pulled some of my favorite pics of Mia from the past year and clothes-pined them to some branches I picked up from Michael’s. Then I filled the vase with some tea bags for some thematic flare, accented it with a glittered fabric bow, and surrounded it with paper streamer rosettes. I love it so much, its been over a week and I still haven’t taken it down!

This was the little ladies tea party table complete with metallic glitter crowns, princess silly bandz and tea pot suckers from Oriental Trading Company. And of course, what is a tea party without a proper tea party attire?

A top hat and suspenders for the head Beasley…. a silly hat, pearls and white gloves for the hostess. I’d say we looked the part, wouldn’t you?

The hat was a huge hit with Salem {which is more than I can say for the tie, unfortunately.}

Before we sat down to enjoy our tea {pink lemonade for the little ladies}, Nona beautified each of the little party-goers.

And here she is ladies and gentlemen. The guest of honor with her proud Mimi. As they say, she’s a party waiting for a place to happen!

After the girls had their make up done, they put on their crowns and enjoyed some party sweets.

When they had eaten their fill, they dove into the dress-up box and covered themselves with metallic beads and feathered-boas to match their glitter crowns.

We played a round of musical chairs to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”.

Afterward, we rounded up the little ladies for story time with Nona. What could be more appropriate than the book,  My Very First Tea Party?

We wrapped things up by opening into Mia’s birthday gifts. Don’t you love the handmade tutu?

It just occurred to me that I had slowly morphed from tea party hostess to Michael Jackson impersonator with the single white glove.

Yet how can I convey the magic that was my Mia on her very special day? I think this picture says it all.

Sparkly light-up crown, frosting-covered grin, “Got cupcake” apron, and a half-eaten smash cake… In a word, our celebration was… magical. It was a day we will not soon forget.

I love you my sweet Mia girl!

Wedding Hair

Last February during my Valentine’s Day Julie & Julia Party, two of our dear friends got engaged…. right in my dining room! I’ve never been up that close to a proposal besides my own. Tomorrow is their wedding day, and Clark and I are performing the music for the ceremony. The wedding is outdoors, which means that while the bride and groom and the bridal party are tucked cozily beneath the shade, Clark and I will be baking in our little patch of sun-scorched concrete where the musicians are positioned to play. Such is life. But before I beat the heat by singing in my bathing suit, I thought I might try a few new updos. Here are a few of my favorites.

The Chestnut bun{image via Joanna Goddard}

The Noble Hair Knot

{image via Schwarzkopf}

The Side Chignon

{image via Martha Stewart Weddings}

This picuture makes me want to run out and test my luck as a redhead.

The Romantic Twist

{image via Refinery 29}

You all have such great taste. Which style would you choose? Speaking of choosing…. you all voted for your favorite font for Amelia’s 1st birthday party invitation. Pea njh Whimsy takes the cake! Thanks for your input everyone.

You can click on any of the above images to get the hair style tutorial for each updo. If my hair turns out ok tomorrow, I’ll take pictures and post on Monday. Wish me luck!

Coffee Theme Shower

Please forgive me for not posting yesterday. I was still recovering from the weekend. And what a glorious weekend it was! My coffee-themed baby shower was a hit! I was so caught up in the excitement that believe it or not, I didn’t snap a single picture. Not one! So, I bummed a few off some friends just to give you an idea.

The table display was gorgeous complete with coffee inspired sweets… mocha flavored cake frosting and dark chocolate covered espresso beans. I haven’t had that much sugar or caffeine in ages. I was flyin’ high!

In addition to my “baby love” bouquet and my baby banner bunting, these coffee filter wreaths made by my dear friend Tracy were the conversation piece of the afternoon. Aren’t they brilliant?!

I intend to give this wreath a new home above my kitchen window.

As you know I’m a huge fan of Jones Design Company. These beverage labels are a combination of Emily Jones printable baby collection cards and Kevin & Amanda’s Claudia Jean scrapbook font.

I used rhinestone iron-on letters to make this onesie banner for little Lottie.

And for a sentimental touch, I clothes pinned baby pictures of Ginny above every window and door frame.

I may have had a misty-eyed moment seeing photos Ginny as a little girl knowing that in just a few weeks, we will get to hold her little girl, Charlotte. Tear… sniff… sniff.

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely dread baby shower games. I’ve played my fair share of guess-the-size-of-mom’s-belly, and I’m admittedly hopeless when it comes to saying the forbidden word “baby” which usually results in my forfeiting all of my clothespins to some competitive party-goer within the first five minutes of the shower. Needless to say, I was bound and determined to avoid any and all annoying baby shower games. So, we had a onsie decorating contest instead, and the girls loved it!

Two or three girls teamed up to design and decorate a onesie using colorful fabric markers. We strung them up all around the house and Ginny got to vote for her favorite. The winners received a prize {gourmet coffee of course}, but the best part about it was that half of the girls didn’t know each other when the shower began, yet they bonded while doing something creative and hands-on. I appreciate parties that take into consideration that not everyone enjoys making small talk. This is a great way to get people to relax and enjoy themselves while expressing themselves in a unique way. As you can see by the Arabic on this particular onesie…. this was a pretty eclectic bunch.

And last but not least, I put together a “Thank You Card” basket for Ginny with a pen, some stamps, and of course the same blank printable cards I used for her invitations and the beverage labels. They come in 4 different designs and they’re all adorable!

Well, there you have it. I had an absolute blast preparing for Ginny’s baby shower {even if I can’t stomach the thought of another chocolate covered espresso bean}. Ha!

We’re having a baby…

Shower, that is… heavens above! I just finished being pregnant. This body needs a rest!

The vote for your favorite handwriting font for Ginny’s baby shower invitation was nearly unanimous! Thanks for the input everyone. Paired with these adorable baby card printables from Jones Design Company, we now have a one-of-a-kind invite for Ginny’s special day!

And the best part is…. no pink!

If you like this font, you can download it from Kevin and Amanda’s blog, and purchase the baby card print from Jones Design Company. Download it right to your computer and print off as many cards as you want!

{Sorry for the twisted “We’re-having-a-baby” joke. A girl’s gotta have some fun on a Monday every now and then.}

Free Cool Fonts!

“You have the handwriting of a serial killer.”

— Clairee from “Steel Magnolias”

 This is one of my favorite movies {and quotes} of all times. In fact, I think if I put my mind to it, I could write a post comprised entirely of quotes from Steel Magnolias since I’ve practically memorized every line! Ah…another post for another day perhaps.

I am working on a baby shower invitation for a dear friend. This is the perfect opportunity to experiment with some of the free handwriting and scrap booking fonts on Kevin and Amanda’s blog. If you have any interest in cool fonts {not to mention delicious recipes, inspiring photography, and note worthy blog tips} you can check out their blog here. There are so many cool fonts to choose from that I’m having trouble deciding. Here are the samples that I like the best. Can you help me decide?

Great Cheap Date Challenge #7

“Home Health Spa”

Turn your bathroom and living room into a health spa with fresh towels and homemade facial cleanser (cut a recipe out of a summer lifestyle magazine of your choice.) Or try out those sample-sized beauty products you’ve accumulated over time and haven’t had the heart to throw away. Be imaginative and make a menu of all the services your spa offers, from healthy edible snacks to scalp massages. Make special stationary, and send your date an appointment confirmation card.”

I came across Kevin & Amanda this week. Their fantastic blog offers the most unique and creatively named fonts and the best part is, they are all FREE! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make my very own spa treatment and gourmet cuisine menu using one of their fonts entitled “Three Dates, One Night.” You can download it by clicking here. Also, if you’re doing the Great Cheap Date Challenge along with us, you can download our Luxurious Home Health Spa treatment and gourmet cuisine menu or make a fun one of your own. If you do, be sure to let me know!

I have had so many people ask me where they can get a copy of 52 Great Cheap Dates by Lynn Gordon. You can order it here, or you can enter this month’s giveaway on my blog which just so happens to be a set of 52 Great Cheap Dates! Be sure to subscribe to my blog and leave a comment below. If you post this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, let me know and you will receive one extra entry for each post. Clark and I are having a blast doing this. It is sure to become a holiday stocking stuffer for all of our favorite couples.

I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend!