For All the Foul-Mouthed Martha’s

My dear friend Stephanie Richards from Atlanta, Georgia taught me how to sew…. well, how to sew without using profanity. There’s nothing like tangled bobbin thread to make you lose your Christian witness– am I’m right? Stephanie hosts monthly “Unfinished Project” parties for all of the well-intentioned craft-ies who are expert starters, but who need a little help actually fulfilling their domestic mission. Sewers, knitters, scrap-bookers– this is a very non-discriminatory group. All are welcome and encouraged to exchange their creative ideas and suggestions. Women sitting around drinking coffee, eating chocolate and working with their hands without feeling the pressure to make dazzling conversation? I think its brilliant!! So brilliant, in fact, that I decided to channel my inner Martha Stewart and host an Unfinished Projects Party of my own last weekend.

There were only a half-dozen of us ladies, but between the knitting, quilting, and wreath making, there was not a square inch of living room space that wasn’t covered with someone’s project. I love it!

My girlfriend brought her three-year-old and she and I beaded a bracelet together using recycled necklace beads and some memory wire.

Christyn knitted this cowl by herself! It was her first knitting project, and while she was originally planning to make a scarf, she called me a few weeks ago crying about her oversized green pot holder. We used our imagination and rummaged through my jewelry box. I found this green jeweled bead attached to something with a peacock feather. Well, I don’t do peacock feathers, so again, we recycled the jewel and next thing you know, we made a cowl. What is that phrase? “Aim for the moon and fall among the stars.” Well, aim for the scarf and fall among the cowls.

The girls at my party had so much fun, they want to start holding these parties monthly. Way to go, Stephanie! You have not only helped me curtail my use of colorful expletives, but you are inspiring women across state lines to finished their craft projects. If you want to host your own Unfinished Projects Party, check out Stephanie’s blog for great tips and ideas!


I am going to a knitting party this weekend. I have absolutely NO idea how to knit, but I am a willing student. Confession, I snagged a bag of yarn from my sister’s closet while I was home for the wedding last weekend. (Alexandra, if you’re reading this, I owe you one.) Since I have no actual knitting experience, I don’t know if I am being ambitious by wanting to knit a cowl neck warmer for my first project. The trick is finding a pattern that doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing a neck brace. Here are a few styles that I am considering:

The Fifth Avenue Infinity Scarf by Ten Ten Knits Blog

*The Fear of Commitment Cowl (I want to make this one just because of the name!)

*The Double Wrap Cowl

The Designer Inspired Tube Scarf by Mindy Lewis (You can check out her blog here.)

The Chunky Lacy Cowl by Heidi of Lilibeth’s Garden blog

The Big Fat Cowl by hipknitized knitting blog

Which one is your favorite?

*designs by Julie Weisenberger