Holiday Puttering

Today’s Labor Day Picnic has been called on account of rain. Plan B… Holiday Puttering. In case you are wondering what it is to “putter”, Webster defines puttering as moving or going in a specified manner with ineffective action or little energy or purpose. Beasley defines puttering as spending a rainy Labor Day engaging in mindless indoor activities.



{Photo Disclaimer: Mia puttered her way into the utensil drawer this morning and deemed the corkscrew more appropriate as a rocket ship. Who are we to thwart creative puttering genius? We are not proponents of underage breakfast drinking.}

Rules of the Game:

1. No member of the family is allowed to question or criticize another’s choice of puttering activity. If Mia wants to give every single one of her princesses a bath and then take them for a ride in the rocket ship, well then, who am I to judge?

2. No member of the family is allowed to choose a puttering activity that might make another member of the family feel guilty. In other words, I am not allowed to clean out the garage or else it will make Clark feel guilty for watching guitar gear videos on YouTube all day.

3. All puttering participants are required to pick up after their own putter.

It isn’t picnic-ing on Red Top Mountain, but so far, we’ve drawn our names on the ceiling with a flashlight, bathed until pruny, and mastered the marketable job skill of marshmallow tower-making. I must say, engaging in mindless activity has proven to be surprisingly enjoyable!

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day Picnic


What are you doing this Labor Day Weekend? Me and the fam and some friends are going to Red Top Mountain for a picnic and a hike. We’re auditioning the location for a family camping trip sometime later this Fall. Have you taken your little ones camping? Let me rephrase…. would you ever take your little ones camping… again?

PS I am thinking about making these coconut macaroons

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

{Image via BHG}