One Final Deep Breath

movingi truck

I am taking one final deep breath this weekend before the chaos of moving week begins. If my posts next week are filled with tears and typos, you will understand why. Moving is never easy, but I’ve arranged for little-people care, and I have my podcast line-up and Pandora stations cued up to keep me company while I pack. Oh, and having moved 4 times in 3 years, this ought to be a snap thanks to Martha Stewart’s moving checklist. Since I don’t have to officially start thinking about  boxing and labeling until Monday, here are some fun links that have been a welcomed distraction this week:

A clever gender reveal

A lodging option for my next extended vaca

The Starbs barista said I look like her. Hey, I’ll take it!

According to this map, I am not proud to be a Floridian

Little ones feed Le Tour de Fr-enzy

Guts-y but beautiful

This Sesame Street project hits home

Have a great weekend!

{image via Haynes Photography}

April Showers

Ah, the smell of Springtime. It invites itself through the front door, and the Beasley family welcomes it with gratitude… no doubt because Mama Bear has been too busy packing boxes to pause to take a much needed shower. She is still wearing her sweaty clothes from this morning’s recovery run {defined as the short run the day after a not-so-short run that tells your body, “Relax. I meant to do that.”} Mama Bear finally breaks long enough to put a kettle on the stove to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea, and she thinks to herself, “Shower or Blog? Shower or Blog?” Papa Bear is gone for the night, and the Baby Bears have no choice but to stick close, so looks like blogging wins!

I am right on schedule with Martha Stewart’s Moving Checklist, and everything I own that can fit inside an ABC liquor box is now labeled with one of these babies.

Isn’t she beautiful?

I’ve moved {on average} every two years since I was 18, and I have never felt more prepared for Moving Day in my entire life. I even have a master inventory list with box numbers and contents that I am consider framing and putting over the fireplace when this whole ordeal is over. I would love to have you over for afternoon tea so we can sit and admire my master inventory list together.

I promise I will take a shower before you arrive.

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Martha’s Moving Checklist

The Beasley Estate currently looks like it is preparing for a visit from the Junk Gypsies. The hallway is stacked overhead with books and VHS tapes, outgrown baby clothes and hideous lamps that I have held on to “just in case” I decide to redecorate in a seashell motif. And why? I’m hosting a yard sale this weekend to raise money for a relief mission to Japan, and seeing as we are movin’ on up, Louise, I thought this would be a fine time to check off the first “to-do” on Martha Stewart’s moving checklist. Moving is so daunting, isn’t it? The only thing I am looking forward to is the inspiration that comes with redesigning a new space… minus the seashells of course.