I am enjoying a much needed mom’s morning out at Amelie’s Bakery in NODA. You can get a cup of tea in a dozen other places around Charlotte, and a baguette certainly doesn’t need to cost this much, but what you lose in fun money and gain in extra poundage, you make up for in unparalleled ambiance. The smell of baking flour with Edith Piaf’s velvet voice playing overhead and suddenly I’m transported to a cafe along the Champs Elysees. Amelie’s is open 24 hours which is perfect for an early riser like me who wants to squeeze in a mom’s morning out while the kiddies (and the husband) are still asleep. I tried to snap a few pictures this morning with my iphone without looking like a weirdo just out hunting for photo ops at 6am.

Whoever decorated this interior managed to find every chotchkie west of the Seine and somehow make it work. Next time you inherit one of your grandmother’s horrible antique lamps harkening back to Greek Mythology, pause and consider the possibilities.

Here and only here do I like French toile. This mosaic table turned out a little better than my knitting episode. Don’t ask…. I haven’t fully recovered.

I love the stenciling, the thick two-toned striped effect, and the plate clock face… like I said, your grandmother’s rummage sale and yet it just…. WORKS!

Just wave goodbye to your thighs and your dining out budget.

If you ever come to Charlotte, let me take you to Amelie’s for an overpriced croissant. You will see why it is one of my favorite destinations for mom’s (early) morning out.