The Beatles’ Success

Beatles pillow fight 2 This morning, I taught the kids how to pillow fight. It reminded me of this picture of the Beatles in Paris in 1964. They was their delirious response upon learning the news that the song, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” had topped the charts in America. If all my kids learned this morning is who the Beatles were and how to pillow fight, I already call this day a success.

What would make your day a success?

A Rainy Stroll in Paris

It is mom’s morning out, and I’ve settled into my favovrite spot in Amelie’s. I sprang for a chai rather than my usual white tea… I know… I’m a wild woman. It is freezing rain outside and the sun hasn’t come up yet. Ella is singing Summertime overhead (which I find very appropriate on a day like this). I’m sitting next to one of those faux fireplaces that actually makes crackling noises so you almost psyche yourself into thinking you are in front of a real fire, and all that I can think of is a quote from one of my favorite plays of all time,  Steel Magnolias:

“On cloudy days, I feel like God’s not trying very hard so I don’t have to either.”

A Rainy Stroll in Paris by Soli Deo Gloria