Some Closing Captions

Clark is out of town {returning today}. Typically, when he is gone I can’t sleep. So, I stay up way too late wandering the internet in places I really don’t belong. For instance, last night I was scrolling the New Yorker cartoon archives that probably weren’t all that funny, but since I was already up late and all by myself, and I have been with the kids for three days straight ALL BY MYSELF, I thought they were freaking hilarious. Literally, I was *guffawing so loudly, I woke up one of the kids.

I recently listened to a Heritage Radio broadcast that discussed how American society is moving away from expressing it’s individuality with words and instead projecting their identity through visual media {i.e. Pinterest and Instagram, etc.}. If this is true, I thought I would meet you half-way and tie up this month’s healthy living conversation with a few of my favorite late night cartoon captions.

NY down internet
{For my mother who will inevitably ask for the large print edition of this blog post:}

NY healthcare card
Mom, is that big enough?

NY Improv night NY not exercise Demetri Martin 1

For real though… that last one had me un. done. Comment on your favorite. {Er don’t, because apparently our generation doesn’t like to talk anymore}.
Okay then. Pin-stagram your fave.

{All hysterical images via The New Yorker and Demetri Martin}

{*guffawing via… seriously, who says that?}

Wild Hair on Holy Week

I’ve been collecting Easter activity ideas for the kids over the last several weeks. The Resurrection Eggs have been a smashing success. Unfortunately, when Mia says the word, “Resurrection”, it comes out sounding more like a function of the male anatomy rather than the centerpiece of the Christian faith.

Needless to say, I was scouring Pinterest this morning looking for more Easter-themed activities for toddlers when when a small voice came from the front of the house that said, “Mommy, look at this snowy!” Sure enough I looked outside and it was snowing. With our hair still wet from our morning bath, we yanked on our hats and boots and went outside to play in the snow.


In her oversized hooded raincoat, Mia looked more like she was applying for early admission to Hogwarts, and I can only imagine what the neighbors thought of her running down the street clutching an olive wood statue of Mary and Joseph yelling something about a scary monster. But it is this kind of spontaneity that usually ends up meaning more to me than the most well prepared and executed kids craft project.

This morning’s adventure may not top the Pinterest charts, but so far this unplanned activity has been my favorite memory of Holy Week so far.


Do you have any special un-plans this Easter?


I just stuck the 4th round of tic tacs in my mouth and I feel like Bleeker from the movie, Juno.

Happy Friday, everyone!

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this inspiration board idea by Bryn Alexandra.

I had every intention of lining my vanilla hallways with inspiring colors, photos, and fabric swatches, but sadly, it never transpired. If you saw the boxes and bags bursting with scraps out of my craft room, you would think I was auditioning for an episode of Hoarders or something. At least once a day I wish I could just wave a magic wand and all my creative inspiration would magically organize itself, and I could whip up creative projects on a whim that would give Martha Stewart a run for her money. Sadly, my craft corner {which is nothing more than a converted butler’s pantry} looks more like a vandalized Hobby Lobby.

Enter the Good Pinterest Fairy.

Pinterest. You may have heard the buzz already. It is a virtual inspiration board. Virtual. As in no scraps. No clutter. No wrinkly magazine pages stuck to the fridge with a magnet that says, “I gave up running because my thighs kept rubbing together and setting my pantyhose on fire.” None of that. You simply stumble on a web image that you like and “pin” it as a sort of visual bookmark that you can reference later. Bam. You’re done. Easy as pie! Here’s a glimpse of my favorite home interior pins…

Apparently, I’m digging stripes these days.

The best part is, we can “follow” each other’s boards and share all sorts of inspiration from home decor, to fashion, to inspiring books and DIY projects. Visit and request an invitation. Once you’ve registered, decide on your inspiration categories and start pinning. Oh, and don’t forget to let me know so I can follow you! If you get some down time this weekend, take a look and then you’ll understand why I simply say…

You’re welcome!



Just a Dent

I hit a brick wall with my van yesterday.

Clark saw the whole thing happen. I was backing into the driveway after a supermarket adventure with my 10-month-old and my pre-schooler, and I completely misjudged the distance and ran smack into the house. With the Civil Wars blaring {not to mention I’m partially deaf} of course I couldn’t hear my husband screaming for me to slow down. I hit it with such force that he later said I ought to have yelled “RAMMING SPEED” outside the driver’s window before I decided to play crash test dummies with our Odyssey. What did I do? Within a matter of seconds, I fell into a heap of tears. I married a wonderful man who calmly helped me out of the car and unloaded my groceries while saying, “Its ok, Sweetheart. Its just a dent.” Just a dent. It looks like I took a hacksaw to the bumper in a fit of PMS rage. I hereby do banish myself from operating any and all heavy machinery.

After my run-in with the house {no pun intended}, I took to a cold beer and some Pinterest perusing. I’m new to Pinterest, but it is a brilliant way to archive all of my virtual inspiration. My friend Jessica has the greatest sense of humor. Needless to say, her quote pins had me in hysterics and I soon forgot about my little bumper mishap. Here are a few just for kicks and giggles.

Pinned by Jessica Smith

Pinned by French By Design

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