In Sickness and in Style

I am posting a bit later than usual today. I believe I have the flu…. yuck! I’m sure that going to the  fashion exhibit on the history of platform shoes and Haute Couture at the Mint Museum the other night in the cold and rain has absolutely nothing to do with me feeling like pipe sludge today. If it did, I can honestly say it was well worth it. Christyn and I are following the Charlotte City Guide as featured on the Design Sponge blog, and the Mint Museum of art was our first stop. I am doped up on DayQuil just enough to give you a glimpse of the exhibit. Again, I’m not sure if the museum frowns on taking pictures, so in my attempts to be discreet, I ask that you please forgive the iphone quality of these images. A girl’s gotta do….

Most of these designs were are from the 1940’s. British shoe designer, Terry de Havilland said, “I love girls being taller and taller and taller particularly tall girls wearing platforms. That is heaven for me!” I’ve always been shy about wearing high heels because I’m already tall, but after reading this, I am more willing to break out those platforms!

The Converse sneakers I was sporting this particular evening don’t exactly look like these red ones.

These sandals are actually roller skates circa 1970!

This thigh high laced platform boot entitled “Fetish”, is described as a “gift in honor of pole dancers everywhere.” Well, there really isn’t anything more that can be said about that now is there?

“Couture is a marriage of design and material”– Christian Dior, Fashion Designer

A true couture garment is a one-of-a-kind perfect fit for a client to whom money is no object. For instance, an evening dress like this one might cost upwards of $50,000!!! It is said that less than 1,000 women world-wide can purchase true haute couture garments on a regular basis. Sadly, I am not one of these women.

Does anyone still dye their shoes to match their dress? I remember that was the thing to do in the 80’s. I love the white gloves!

If this exhibit comes to your town, I highly suggest you round up a few fashion lovers (or perhaps those who could use some fashion inspiration) to go see it. It will be worth your while even if an epic cold awaits you in the days that follow.