Mums the Word

My in-laws are due to arrive in town tonight. So I thought, “what better time to give Salem a hair cut.” Now if anyone can pull off the sheepdog look, it’s Salem, but I figured he might actually like to see his Mimi upon her arrival and not through the mop that currently rests on the top of his head. Two and half hours and many tears {on my end} later, this was the end result.


I know when to admit defeat. So in the pouring rain, Salem and I had to practically canoe ourselves to the Supercuts. We are now making faces at each other in one of the full length mirrors. When we first walked in, I could hear one of the hair stylists snickering. She probably thinks he got hold of the scissors and tried to cut his own hair.

Salem just got called to the chair, and wouldn’t you know, the first words out of Ms. Supercuts was, “look who tried to cut their own hair.”

I’m not saying a WORD!!!!!

Blog Spree

I am getting this week’s post in just under the wire. Blogging once on Sundays during Lent calls for one big “post binge”, wouldn’t you say? So here we go…

This was the scene around my house on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon.

While Clark and the kids were doing this….

I took the opportunity to whip up a quick project. Granted, after completing the community board for Center City Church, I didn’t want to look at another wine cork for weeks. But, the creativity bug, she did bite this weekend and, well, here you have it.

Wine cork magnets!! An exacto-knife, some wicked-strong glue and a magnet from your local hardware store and voila! I have some parties coming up, and I plan to send out invitations with these wine cork magnets. That way guests can keep the invite on their fridge and look forward to the upcoming event for weeks to come!

Crafty? Cheesy? You decide.

I ventured out to a local fabric warehouse this weekend just outside of Charlotte. I sent this pic to Clark via text with the caption, “I’m in heaven”.

I couldn’t even begin to look at all that Mary Jo’s fabrics had to offer. This is just one row of dozens in their upholstery department alone. I pulled a few samples, so just for fun, what do you say we play a round of “Which swatch would you pick?”

First, the dining room chairs.

Go on. You can say it. They’re hideous. Drab, sad, uninspiring, spiritless… feel free to insert your own descriptive here. I inherited them from my mother when Clark and I got our first apartment. While I am enormously grateful for free furniture, these cushions are about 15 years overdue for a re-cover.

Would you choose the bold, colorful, geometric pattern or the clean, timeless, and more “grown up” solid pear shade?

Wait, there’s more…

We’ve been living with these swatches against our celery sprig walls for the last couple of days. Don’t get me wrong. I like my neighbors, but the view from my kitchen looks directly into theirs. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed admiring her fresh flowers and her new dish towels, this is taking neighborly affection a tad bit too far, don’t you think? Hence, the cafe curtains. I’m pretty sure we’ve decided which pattern we like, but I am curious to know which one you would pick.

And of course, I’ve saved the best for last. What is a blog post from me without a good laugh at my own expense? Salem and I were a couple of groupies while Clark played in the band for his dad’s surprise 60th birthday bash in Mississippi last weekend. As you well know, Salem is my little Steve Jordan– he can turn just about anything into a drum. Table tops, trees, bushes, his sister…. but this, I must admit, is rather innovative even for a toddler. Watch closely. You won’t want to miss his crash hits.

Kid’s got talent. Interesting choice of percussive double, but, that’s boys for you. Its all fun and games until mom subs as a crash cymbal.

Until next weekend, I leave you with some interesting web finds:

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Now that’s what I call multi-tasking


ModGenes… Yes, Please!

It never fails. When I stay up way past my bedtime, it is then and only then that I stumble on the greatest finds– like this print from ModGenes Designs as featured on Project Nursery’s daily blog. I love their birth announcements and their canvas nursery art, but this particular print is dear to my heart since during an impromptu song writing session, we wrote Salem’s name into Edelweiss from The Sound of Music when he was just an infant. AND…. it just so happens that this will match perfectly with his nursery theme!

Michael Miller Fabric in Groovy Guitar (Lime)

Ah…. sleep is overrated, right?!

Tenth Avenue North

Hello my lovely readers! I missed you yesterday.

I could not be a more proud mama! Clark and I took Salem to his very first concert on Wednesday night. This is a HUGE deal considering my son thinks he is the next Steve Jordan. He drums on everything and with everything. Un-sharpened pencils, straws, sticks, and crayons on overturned pots, buckets, boxes– you name it. It does pose a challenge when you’re trying to teach your 18 month old to use a fork and he assumes you’re only encouraging his musical talent. He practiced all day to his favorite Eric Clapton DVD, and Wednesday night, I made sure he was equipped with what every 2-year-old concert goer needs– a black leather bomber jacket, some hair gel and a pair of chopsticks. Off we went to experience his very first concert. Bonus…. these were guys that I sang with way back in the day, so we were able to visit with them prior to the show. Salem waltzed onto that tour bus like he was born in a Prevost. I swear, my toddler suddenly aged ten years. He looked every one of those messy haired, graphic T-d, skinny jeaned musicians in the eye like he was about to ask them for the set list and for some bottled water at room temp. When Jason, the drummer, pulled out his drumsticks and gave them to Salem, he looked at me like, “finally, someone who recognizes my potential.” Needless to say, I ended up holding the chopsticks all night. We chose our seats especially so that the drums were in our line of site. With sticks poised and ready at all times, Salem kept his eyes glued to Jason. No matter if it was a more mellow tune, Salem drummed as hard and as fast as he could on the seat back in front of him which inevitably got a few stares from people around us. But no matter– he played the beat until he couldn’t take it anymore and he crashed dead asleep on his daddy’s chest. I dare say, I’ve never enjoyed a more inspiring musical experience.


That’s what my 2-year old calls our morning smoothies. I don’t know if any of the littler people in your life are like mine, but he will not, under ANY circumstances eat a vegetable. In fact this is the face he makes when he sees them on his plate next to his chicken nuggets…

He won’t even eat a french fry…. its like underneath all that greasy goodness, he knows that a flyspeck of what was once grew in the earth remains in there somewhere. I don’t know if its a texture thing or what, but I know I’ve got to get some rawness into him somehow. I experimented with giving him part of my smoothie one morning and he loved it. Then I gradually started juicing some vegetables and adding frozen greens to it– dandelion, kale and other leafy greens….. handfuls of it! When mixed with sweet berries and apple juice, some low fat vanilla yogurt and a little nut butter, the sweetness of the fruits mask the bitterness of the greens and voila! He actually drank the whole thing AND asked  for more!!! I don’t care if he eats goldfish crackers for every meal as long as he gets his fruits and vegetables in him… well, I do, but you know what I mean.

Salem’s morning “smoonie”

2 carrots, 1 celery stalk, 2 apples juiced (if you don’t have a juicer, I’m sure you can find a vegetable juice blend that doesn’t have too much sugar. Oh, and avoid Granny Smith apples… too sour)– this makes about 8-10 oz of juice

1 banana

1 cup of frozen mixed berries

1 cup (usually I just grab a heaping handful) of frozen leafy greens

1/2 cu. vanilla yogurt

1 TBL nut butter (or a 1/4 cup of granola)

Blend all of these ingredients in a blender and you and your little one can both enjoy getting your raw goodness this way every day!