Calling in for Reinforcement

It’s official. I am a bona fide word nerd. I’ve spent the better part of my morning at Amelie’s penning the verse for Mia’s birthday party invitation. Once again, I am calling in for reinforcement. You were all so helpful in choosing the font for Ginny’s baby shower invitation that I am now enlisting your font suggestion for Amelia’s tea party invite.

Do you like…

Option A

Option B

… or Option C

You decide…. I’m worded out!

Imagination Station

This slideshow requires JavaScript.’s Shannon Eileen (Hapiness Is…) posted this as a romantic Valentine’s Day scene for two. It reminded me of that scene from the Holiday where Cameron Diaz walks into a little girl’s bedroom and says, “This is an exceptionally great tent.” How perfect would this be to recreate in a little girls room for tea parties or as a reading corner? Chandeliers add sophistication and romance to any room, and an elegant space like this would surely spark any little girl’s imagination.

(images by Something’s Hiding Here)