Tallest in Town

I missed you yesterday! My posts this week will most likely be a bit erratic since we are in Mississippi celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with Clark’s wonderful family. Our children did not get the memo yesterday that thirteen hours in the car the day prior  automatically qualifies Mommy and Daddy for a next morning sleep-in. They were up at 5:30am CST. Strong. Coffee. But I had to fill you in on our Cheap Date Night Challenge #8!

Tallest in Town

“Do a little research to find the tallest building in town, then meet by the elevators after work and have a vertical adventure. This adventure is especially fun when the top floor has a view. If you are a fan of express elevators, you can conquer a few other buildings on the same date. And if vertigo hasn’t set in by this time, head to your corner cafe or bar to share whatever comes in the tallest glass they have. While imbibing, tell each other tall tales.”

The Bank of America Corporate Center is the tallest building in Charlotte towering over the city skyline with its impressive 60 stories visible for up to 35 miles from any direction on a clear day. It is not only the tallest building from Philadelphia to Atlanta, but it is the site of the fictional office tower, JSP funds, where Jack Black starred as Hal Larson in the movie Shallow Hal. Pretty cool huh? It would be if we had opted for the tallest building in town rather than the tallest building in town with a view. I love an ear popping elevator adventure as much as the next person, but for our 5-year anniversary, we settled for a view from a mere 27 stories up at a restaurant called Bentley’s on 27 at the top of the Charlotte Plaza building on South College Street. Swank. Everything was impeccably decorated. Even the hostess looked like an Olivia Palermo project. We chose two secluded seats in the corner of the lounge overlooking the city lights where we each enjoyed an apple martini and an appetizer sampler of bacon wrapped filet, calamari with Asian sauce, and ahi tuna with ginger shavings. Quite an upgrade from the chicken chili we had for lunch. I took the Havilland quote to heart last week and wore the tallest shoes I own along with the diamond and pearl earrings that I wore in my wedding.

This is actually one of my favorite shots from our wedding day, and I think it features the earrings quite nicely don’t you?

We reminisced over drinks and appetizers for the better part of 2 hours. Being that high above ground provides me with an arial perspective on life. I feel the same in an airplane window seat– somehow everything I think is so major before take off seems to take its proper place in the grand scheme of things from 30,000 feet up. It felt like we had a bird’s eye view of our married life while overlooking the city Saturday night, and while we both agreed that we have scaled some peaks and valleys, it occurred to us that our marriage is actually only in kindergarten. So, we toasted to not having it all figured out and to another 5 years of summits and free falls.

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! We are enjoying our holiday Mississippi style…. casseroles and lazy boys, Baby!

How do you plan to celebrate your Turkey Day?